Friday, 2 July 2010

Nice to meet you

Last night we had our monthly meet, which was at The Cluny, instead of our usual haunt, Northern Stage. We chose The Cluny as we all wanted to see the show at Northern Print, Printer Designer Maker (which is full of lots of lovely work!)

We had a really good constructive meeting, discussing our next show at Durham Art Gallery, our latest group project (Alice in Wonderland postcard packs) and our upcoming show about northernness. At the end of the meetings we always try to have a group crit - where we'll talk about our independent projects. There's a lot going on! Josie's working hard on a gorgeous storybook, Debs has been organising another group show with the Umber Printers, Lara's been working on some stationary designs and Clare, well Clare brought some friends for us to meet. These gorgeous little ladies and gentlemen in the photo are Clare's latest creations. They're very cute in real life and incredibly green too as they're all made from recycled materials. Upcycled cuties, if you please!

Ooh and Bethan, she's possibly the busiest of us all as she's going to have her hands full this summer with a beautiful baby, which is due this week. More info on baby Laker/Crowson soon. X

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