Friday, 11 June 2010

What does the north really mean?

Northern Stage is celebrating a very special birthday this year. It's reached the ripe old age of 40 and as any 40 year old tends to do, they've starting asking questions about their past, present and future. They've found particular intrugue with what's in their name (it's changed three times over the 40 years) and what, exactly, is it that makes them northern? To answer some of these questions they've embarked on a year long global conversation to question the concept of northerness. Northern Stages (note the 'S') is a bold, new project which invites artists, from across a wide range of practices, to repond to the notion of northerness.  

Set of Drawers is delighted to have been asked to put into pictures what the north really means to us, a group of north east based illustrators. We're so excited to exhibit in the theatre, this coming autumn and will hopefully be hosting a workshop or two in one of their performance spaces . When talking about it during our monthly crit sessions, we each took the concept to mean a very different thing, we've had some really inspiring conversations.  We're all really thrilled to be involved in the project and will write lots more about it over the coming months... watch this space... 

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